Central Illinois Tropical

Aquarium Club


Welcome to the Central Illinois Tropical Aquarium Club Website!

Our site is always under construction, but come join us in the CITAC Forum.

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Maximize your success and enjoyment in the aquatic hobby and join CITAC!!!

Charlies Aquarium The Shrimp Faem

CITAC meetings are (normally) held on the 2nd Sunday of each month. Stay tuned to this site or the club website for location. Meeting time is 2:00 PM

Own a Petstore or other aquatic related business and want to be part of CITAC? Email us and get involved. We want to see you succeed too!
Here's a link to Charlie's Aquarium, if you are in the Pekin area, drop in and see them!
Rachel and the gangs hours are Monday - Saturday (except Wednesday) 9AM-8PM and Sunday 10AM - 5PM.
CITAC also wants to thank Petco in Normal for their support.

Here are some other aquatic related links:

1) The Shrimp Farm - Local source for high quality aquatic shrimp
2) Amazonas Magazine - Subscribe from this link!
3) Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine
4) Pet Mountain - Pet Supplies.
5) Brine Shrimp Direct - Brine Shrimp Eggs and bulk flake food.
6) Jehmco - Fishroom and aquatic supplies.
7) Pet Fish Talk - Internet radio show about aquariums and fish - Show is no longer in production. Archives available.
8) Aquabid - eBay for fish and plants.
9) Aquaboards - Forums for discussing fishy things.
10) - Online fish store.
11) Passion For Ponds - If you need anything pond related, check out Passion for Ponds.